ELTE Online Career Days 2021

A magyar nyelvű leírásért kattints ide!

The ELTE Career Centre is committed to supporting its students with internships and career-starting positions, focusing on their professional training. As a part of the Online Career Days, we connect with our students on the educational surface of the university, which is a tried and improved platform to reach as many students as possible through the Online Career Days.

With our online event you can target students in the fields of economics, IT, science, foreign language, and pedagogy areas in the context of internships or junior positions, so it may be especially exciting for you to attend the event as exhibitors.

Based on feedback on our fall 2020 event this time we set up games to foster the activity of the visitors. Only those who contact you will have a chance to win in our major giveaway and at the same time they might get some company stuff too.

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28th-29th April 2021, daily from 13:00 to 18:00 h

Why is the ELTE Online Career Days different, than other virtual exchanges?

  • #reach
    We are addressing our event to 25.0000 current and approximately 20.000 already graduated students of ELTE. Besides the company stands we also help visitors to find the best jobs through thematic channels.
  • #unique
    You can shape your channel the way you want: post images, videos, and informational materials – share as much as you can about yourself!
  • #gamification
    This year we will focus on games to foster the activity of our visitors: those who contact the companies get codes that they can submit for valuable prizes. Every code is another chance to win!
  • #colourful
    Job offers are not the only things that are waiting for those who are interested: during the two days participating students can follow interesting conversations, interviews, and discourses through livestream.
  • #multiplatform
    The Teams app is available for free on IOS, Android, Windows app, or a browser.
  • #cozy
    Microsoft Teams is one of the most used home office tools, so you have almost certainly met it before. Also, ELTE uses Teams for its online courses, so that all of our students know how it works.
  • #available
    With our discounted packages everyone in the labour market can find their target group whether it is a public institution, SME, or a large enterprise.
  • #direct
    Visitors can contact you with a single click: you can chat, make a video call, or give a virtual presentation.
  • #comfy
    You can attend Career Day from home or the office.
  • #safe
    You can contact the candidates in person without meeting physically.
  • #feedback
    After the event, we will provide you a detailed statistic on the number of participants and the achievement positions of yours.


The event is organized using Microsoft Teams, which is also the generally used virtual educational tool of ELTE.

  • For the event, we create a dedicated group in Teams that students can join using a link. This link will be sent to registrants on the day of the event, and for those who are already registered in the Teams app, the interface will be automatically available on the day of the event.
  • Teams do not necessarily requires the installation of a program as it can be accessed from a browser or smartphone without restrictions.
  • Within the Career Day group, each company gets its channel where they can upload images, videos, files, text posts, and start live streams.
  • Through the channel, students can initiate a direct chat or video chat with the representatives of the firms, where they can provide their contact information or submit their CV.


We start the marketing campaign for the event in mid-October. We will increase the intensity of the campaign until the date of the event.

We primarily address the students through the online channels of ELTE and the Career Center. Check out the numbers of our autumn event here!

Communication channels:

  • Special event on the Career Center’s website (5500 users/month)
  • ELTE Job Portal (5000 users/event)
  • Our Facebook page with approximately 7.000 followers,
  • Involving social media channels of the Student Governments,
  • With more than 10,000 members in ELTE’s Facebook group for job seekers,
  • In eDM letters based on data stored in Neptun:
    • Career newsletter (25,000 recipients, published every two weeks),
    • Targeted eDM (we collect interesting offers for the students of each major and send them to them by direct email);
  • Paid advertisements on various social media platforms targeted mainly on ELTE students.

Gamification – code collecting

To reach an even wider range of students and encourage them to participate, we are announcing a competition for participants with valuable prizes.

Before the event, we announce a Facebook game: during the Career Day campaign, those who comment on the post of the event can take part in a giveaway.

During the event, we will be encouraging the visitors to be active. Visitors who contact companies can collect codes, which they can submit and participate in two games:

  • The Early Bird game, where the first 100 players who submit codes in a minimum value of 6 points can receive a guaranteed prize.
  • The valuable grand prize will be drawn among those who have submitted a code worth at least 3 points. Every submitted code increases the chances for winning!

The condition for getting codes is that the visitor contacts the exhibitor via chat or video chat. To ensure that the contact has been made, each of our exhibitors will receive an individual code table from which they can share the codes themselves in a private message with their visitors.

Similar to traditional exchanges our customers have the opportunity to give smaller gifts to their registered visitors.  Visitors have nothing else to do, but to submit the code they got from the exhibitor on the dedicated interface. Gifts will be sent out to the visitors by the staff of the Career Centre.


We make our event more appealing for students with interesting conversations and presentations, we not only invite the representatives of our exhibitor but also invite popular media personalities, who are interesting for the target group. These presentations, discussions are going to be available on the General channel of the event.

Guest list coming soon!

Detailed list of services

Thematic Channels

Available in the following packages:
Entry/ Standard/ Pro / Featured support

Thanks to the virtual space, we would like to make our Career Days available to smaller, not that well-capitalized firms and companies. We created the Thematic channel for them, where they can share their job opportunities with images, videos, also they can meet with our students through live chat or a video interview.

On the thematic channels, those who choose Standard, Pro, and Professional support packages can also post their ads.

We would also like our pedagogy students to find a suitable job opportunity to start their career, therefore, schools and public educational institutions are welcome to appear on the Career Days „Teacher Jobs” channel without any charges.

Virtual stands

Available in the following packages:
Standard/ Pro / Featured support

Creating one’s own Microsoft Teams channel, where we provide the possibility of:

  • start a live video presentation at any time during the event
  • organise live video interview with a reservation of appointment

Landing page at allasborze.elte.hu

Available in the following packages:
Standard/ Pro / Featured support

Independent sub-page on ELTE Job Portal. This sub-page can be accessed by interested students from the Online Career Days registration interface and EDM’s, so those who are interested can meet our exhibitors even before the event.

The following can be published on the page:

  • company presentation with video and images
  • short presentation of the job offers (detailed offers will be available on the day of the event)
  • landing page on the following interfaces:
    • Job Offers from the people of ELTE in the ELTE Facebook group before the event
    • on the Facebook page of the event
    • on the Instagram page of the Career Centre

Panel discussions

Available in the following packages:
Pro / Featured support

Our customers may participate in a panel discussions with one representative of the firm on the following topics:

  • Are there transferable skills or can everyone just switch? Do soft skills really matter? Is the labour market really open to post-graduate careers? What should I do If I want to switch?
  • Networking during COVID. How do I build a connection in the online space? How can personal meetings be replaced? Can “Zoom anxiety” be defeated? What can employers do?

Please note: the language of these panel discussions is Hungarian.

Featured participation in the prize competition

Available in the following packages:
Pro /Featured support

During the event visitors will receive extra value (3 and 5 points) codes from our customers who choose the Pro or the Featured support package giving them an extra chance to win the grand prize. Only those visitors can receive a code who interact with our customers through chat or video chat!

Featured Channel

Available in the following packages:
Pro / Featured support

The channel of the customer appears at the top of the channel list.

Publication of job advertisements in the faculty newsletter

Available in the following packages:
Pro / Featured support

As a part of the Career Days marketing campaign, we will be sending a letter before the event to each faculty with the list of the relevant ads for them. In the letter, we can provide the title of the job, and a short (circa 200 character long) description.

Targeted individual eDM

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

Targeted individual email sending to the students of the field relevant to the customer-focused just on the communication of the customer within the ELTE Career Days campaign. For targeting, we use the data stored in the ELTE study system, which allows us to publish the message of the customer that can be specified by major, grade, and language skills.

Publication of a PR article

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

We will publish a PR article about our clients choosing the Featured support package on our website karrier.elte.hu before the event, and also share the article on social media platforms of the Career Centre. Interested students can go to the landing page of the firm directly from the PR article, so they can get to know our customer’s open positions.

The PR article focuses primarily on the personal career history of the company’s employees and reports on the everyday life of the company that helps to bring them closer to the students, while the article also provides for the publication of matter presenting on the internship programs and recent graduate events of the customer.

Follow up eDM

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

After the event, the participants registered for the event will be sent a follow-up email to promote the advertised job offers. We can place the job title, a short (circa 300 character long) description, and the link to the detailed description on the allasborze.elte.hu website in the letter.

Featured advertisement on the allasborze.elte.hu website (slider)

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

We will place the banner of the customer on the allasborze.elte.hu website, in two weeks before the event, so that page will be visible to all visitors during that period.

Featured advertisement on the karrier.elte.hu website (slider)

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

We will place the banner of the customer on the karrier.elte.hu website, in two weeks before the event, so that page will be visible to all visitors during that period.

Indicating the logo of the customer as part of the official communication of the event

Available in the following packages:
Featured support

Each official marketing material of the Career day will indicate the logo and the business name of the customer. Marketing channels include karrier.elte.hu, allasborze.elte.hu, Facebook and Instagram interfaces as well.

Prices and application

Application deadline: April 9th, 2021

You can find the prices of the event and the detailed list of the services included in each package here:

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